Crucifix and detail

Creation of Crucifix

Sargent made a sculpture of Christ on the cross for the center of his Dogma of the Redemption mural. Crouched beneath the arms of the cross, Adam and Eve hold up chalices to catch the blood that runs from Christ’s hands. The two are bound to Christ by a band of drapery, and to each other by the serpent beneath Christ’s feet that rises to entwine their ankles and legs. At the top of the cross, an inscription reads “Remissa Sunt Peccata Mundi” (“The sins of the world are forgiven”). At the foot of the cross, a pelican lowers its head to peck at its breast, feeding its young with the blood that drips from its wound.
1. Crucifix, gilded and painted plaster
with metal and papier-mâché reliefs,
approx. 335 x 232 x 26 cm, Sargent Hall
2. Crucifix, detail of serpent
(1999 photos)
The Triumph of Religion