Dogma of the Redemption, and model for sameThe first section of the model to be made, and the most complete section still extant, is Dogma of the Redemption, which now belongs to the Fogg Art Museum. It consists of the Trinity lunette and Frieze of Angels. Sargent sketched the designs for Trinity and Frieze of Angels very simply, with little attention to detail. The main difference between the model and the Library mural lies in Sargent’s changes to the placement and amount of relief work, and to the overall color scheme. The latter became predominantly red and gold in the finished version.

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1. Dogma of the Redemption, model
Oil on wood, with paper additions and cast plaster,
228.6 x 256.5 cm
Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University Art Museums*
2. Dogma of the Redemption (1999 photo)
The Triumph of Religion