two models


Sargent also worked out his designs in three dimensions, building a one-third-scale model of the south end of the hall from wooden planks. The sketch of Crucifix that he painted directly on the wood shows that he had the image of the lone figure of Christ in mind when he first constructed the model. A faint outline of gold on top of the sketch suggests that he made a three-dimensional model of this painted crucifix, which he hung from the planks and colored in place. Although this model no longer exists, a model for the medallion at the foot of the cross remains, its contour matching the outline on the planks.
1. Dogma of the Redemption, detail of scale model. The gold outline has been digitally highlighted.
2. Medallion at foot of crucifix, early model
Gold-painted plaster, 13.4 x 17.9 x 1.9 cm*
The Triumph of Religion