Amor Caritas, and Frieze of Angels, detail Sargent also made reference in his murals to the artistic achievements of his contemporaries. On a visit to the Paris studio of his friend Augustus Saint-Gaudens, he saw and admired the sculptor’s Amor Caritas (Love Charity), an eight-foot bronze relief. Amor Caritas embodies the androgynous beauty that recurs, with variations, in Sargent’s Frieze of Angels. The aging Saint-Gaudens had proved a most helpful colleague to Sargent, especially during Sargent’s work on Crucifix, and Sargent pays him tribute in Frieze of Angels.
1. Saint-Gaudens, Amor Caritas, 1880–98
Gilded bronze relief, 262.3 x 127 cm
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York,
Rogers Fund, 1918*
2. Frieze of Angels, detail (1999 photo)
The Triumph of Religion