Crucifix, Moses

Dogma of the Redemption: Crucifix

Adam and Eve, the first humans according to both Jewish and Christian scriptures, figure prominently in Sargent’s Crucifix. Bound by a single cloth to Jesus’ body and cross, they lift eucharistic chalices to catch his blood. Across the north-south axis of the room, Crucifix faces the central relief depiction of Moses, which is distinguished by its archaic style from the other figures in Frieze of Prophets. For Sargent, Moses and Crucifix signified two of religion’s external forms: law and dogma. In the artist’s scheme, both forms belong to a past era.
1. Dogma of the Redemption: Crucifix, south wall
Gilded and painted plaster and metal reliefs
2. Frieze of Prophets: Moses, north wall
(1999 photos)
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The Triumph of Religion