Sargent Murals at the Widener Library, Harvard

Sargent’s Harvard murals

In the fall of 1920, Harvard University commissioned Sargent to produce two paintings for the main stairwell at Widener Library as part of the University’s enduring tribute to its World War I dead. Six years later the University published plans for a Memorial Church to face Widener across the Yard and permanently display the Honor Roll, listing the names of the nearly 400 Harvard men who perished in the war. This programmatic ensemble, located at the physical center of the University, forms the most elaborate World War I memorial in the Boston area.
Main Stair, Harry Elkins Widener Memorial
Library, Harvard University
Department of Printing and Graphic Arts,
The Houghton Library, Harvard University,
William Mercer, Photographer (ca. 1990s)
The Triumph of Religion