Sargent Murals at the Widener Library, Harvard

Preliminary drawings (continued)

The figure of Victory, in Death and Victory, underwent more dramatic change than other details in the murals. Sargent’s charcoal drawing of a posing model (whose address he jotted at lower right), shows nude and draped studies for the position of Victory’s lower body, but in the final composition, Sargent turned and foreshortened her upper body and head and added enormous, widespread wings. The drawing appears here as it looked while pinned up in Sargent’s studio. In 1924 he specifically chose to sell the drawing to the American collector Grenville Winthrop.
1. Study for Victory, 1921–22
Charcoal on paper, 63 x 48.2 cm
Fogg Art Museum
photo: The Boston Athenaeum*
2. Death and Victory, detail
The Triumph of Religion